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Laura Drew - Study 5-13

Directed Research Study 5

In this study I was using the broken glass pieces to represent various social situations and emotions. Many of them represent feeling out of place, like a misfit, loneliness, brokenness.

Image Study 3 - LBD-11

Directed Research Study 3

During this study I experimented further with capturing the moment something hit the ground and would break. I found it really interesting to see the moment something shattered. It was really interesting when some pieces actually bounced off the ground and appeared to float in space.

Image Study 1 - Laura Drew-10

Directed Research Study 1

At the beginning of the fall 2014 semester I began exploring the tension between a photograph as a visual object and those who cannot see to experience it visually. This exploration was sparked by the photograph below of Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin. Their meeting fascinated me because she could never experience his work since […]